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2nd Introductory Workshop

Well, Our first Enneagram Workshop in November was a success.  We want to thank all the wonderful participants that helped to create a friendly, lively, interactive learning environment.  Many people left saying that the workshop was, enlightening, informative, fun, enjoyable, introspective, a new experience.

Charlene and I have decided to host another of these workshops, as many people were unable to come in November and wanted another opportunity to attend.

We are hoping to design an entire series of workshops on the Enneagram and so develop an enneagram community in Trinidad and Tobago.

For all those who missed the last workshop, The Introduction of the Enneagram – Stepping Out of the Box, it is being hosted at The Cascadia Hotel, Ariapita Rd, St. Ann’s on the Sunday the 1st February 2009.

Please contact Charlene Gowrie or Lydia Mattison at

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Come Step out of the Box and step into Expansiveness and Liberation.

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Hello world welcome to Serendipity Works

What is serendipity?

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. – Wikipedia – free encyclopedia

How did Serendipity Works come into being?

MY Perspective – Lydia Mattison

I discovered the Enneagram during my coach training.  About a year or two ago, a friend of mine was closing down her bookstore and I decided to go see what books I could purchase during the sale. There was this big blue book ( blue being my favorite color) sitting all my itself on a bottom shelf.  I could literally hear the book calling me and saying “Pick Me.” It was the book ” Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson.

At the time I was deep into coaching and meeting so many different personalities globally,   I thought “this is interesting, perhaps it would at least give me some insights into my clients.”

Was I wrong.  It gave me so much more than that. I typed myself and what happened then was a lifting of the veils.  It was like everything became crystal clear to me. I could no longer hide from myself.  I could see myself now, all my thoughts, my words, my actions, my habits and focus of attention.  I could see my energy and how I push it outward into the world and more importantly the impact it was having on others.  It was as though I was holding up a mirror to my soul. I could see the shadows and most of all I could now see the light.  I could truly live life more consciously instead of living “on autopilot.”

I immediately typed everyone in my family and buried myself in the book.  I was amazed, it was as though I was looking at my family, each and every member with fresh eyes and with compassion. Meeting them in their world for the first time.  I could now understand every conflict we had ever had, I could understand the differences in my children, and how they react so uniquely to the same situation. For the very first time I was able to see the world through their eyes.

I began researching and reading everything about the enneagram that I could get my hands on. I discovered a book called “Deep Coaching” – Using the enneagram as a catalyst for profound change by Dr. Roxanne Howe Murphy.

The real importance of the Enneagram was revealed to me while participating in a teleconference series lead by Roxanne, I was able to see the real benefits of using the enneagram in my coaching, both as a coach and for my clients. The enneagram helps us unhook from identifying with our very small and limited self.  It shows us the box in which we keep ourselves, small and safe. It opens us to unexpected and expanded vistas, new possibilities, choices and freedom to be in touch, know and experience our essence, truly bringing our brilliance into focus.

Needless to say I was totally hooked and passionate about the enneagram, and clear out of the blue one day I got an email from Roxanne stating that her partner,  just received an email from someone in Trinidad and Tobago re hosting an enneagram workshop.  She said she did not feel comfortable coming to Trinidad to do something like this unless I was involved in someway.  So I told her I would look in to it and if she could please send me the email of the person who had made the request.

I immediately sent off an email introducing myself and sending an invitation to meet with Charlene Gowrie. We met at a little cafe and began to share our stories and how we became interested in the enneagram. We hit it off and by the end of our meeting we had been chatting about offering our own enneagram workshops, facilitating other workshops with other teachers and starting our own enneagram training here in Trinidad and Tobago.

You see Serendipity really works, here I was introduced to Charlene, (who lives twenty minutes away from me here in Trinidad) through my enneagram teacher Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy, who got the contact from her business partner Dr. Ronna Phifer-Richie, who had been contacted by Charlene.

What are the odds of two of us separately contacting two people in California,  interested in two separate workshops, hosted separately by these facilitators, who happen to be partners?  What are the odds of them putting us in contact with each other when we live just minutes from each other? What are the odds with the huge network of enneagram teachers in the States?

We then discovered the book I purchased had been placed in the book store at Charlene’s request and the person who owned the store was a mutual friend of ours, both Charlene and myself had been involved in workshops run through that store and had never met  each other.

Two women on a journey of self discovery, serendipitously find each other so that we can come together and share this wealth of knowledge and work with others in our country.

The enneagram is a rich source of self knowledge. Finding what really matters is a personal experience. So today I want to invite you into this space with an open mind, and an open heart so you can discover why the enneagram would matter to you.

Serendipity really works.  Who knows what you will find?

My Story -Charlene’s Perspective

I first came across the Enneagram in 1996. I was browsing in a bookstore, my usual lunch-time jaunt (can you guess what Type does that?) when I saw this book calling to me – “Personality Types” by Don Richard Riso. Always interested in personality, trying to figure people out, building my own little theories, I picked up the book and read what it said about the type I thought I was. I read a couple of paragraphs and liking what it said, bought the book.

Thus began my love affair with the Enneagram, the Enneagram fits with me completely. It is always astonishing for me to experience that alignment, for me a miracle. Interestingly, I turned out not to be the type I thought I was. In fact when I first read the description of my type, I thought well, that’s not me at all. But one of my friends started telling me things about myself and phrases would be recalled from the book, “erratic”, “go from one extreme to the other”, then my boss described me as “engaging”. So I went back and read again and then the most amazing thing happened, the clouds parted and the sun, the light, shone through, I literally saw myself “in print”, for the first time I began to understand myself.

The more I read, the more useful it became – whenever I felt stuck or was experiencing something that I would have preferred not to, I would turn to the Enneagram and this more than anything else, brought me through. The Enneagram helped me so much, I figured it could help others and I wanted to spread the good news.

So I decided to attend the Enneagram Training and having a brother in London, I journeyed to the UK to realize a dream – meeting Don Richard Riso. I had always known that I would meet him, a knowing not based on logic or my then reality. I have always felt that my destiny and that of the Enneagram were somehow entertwined. I was the first Trinidadian, indeed the first West Indian to attend the workshops. It was so surreal to speak to Don Richard and to Russ Hudson and ask them questions, things I had wondered, deepening my understanding, it is something that I will always cherish., That’s when I knew that dreams really could come true.

So I have been dabbling with workshops and talking about the Enneagram to everyone I know, sharing my books, it is a passion and I feel more and more intimately connected to my life’s work.

I held a mini workshop at the ADV Bookstore and asked the owner, a supporter from the start, to order some books for it And honestly, I never thought much of this after that.

Then one morning, a couple of years later, I was feeling a bit despondent because things weren’t going as I would have liked and opened my email inbox and saw an invitation to an Enneagram Relationship Workshop, I decided to contact the facilitator, Dr. Ronna Phifer-Richie, to see if she would come to Trinidad or put me on to someone who would.

She wrote back saying that there was someone in “my part of the world”, I hopelessly thought “Jamaica, that’s really going to help …”, but nevertheless I responded saying of course I would be interested in contacting the person.

She sent me Lydia’s contact information and when I saw the cell number, I thought but that’s Trinidad!! Can you believe it! I could feel the excitement building in me, I thought the worst case scenario – Toco – but we are still in the same country.


Lydia called me, and it turned out that we lived pretty close to each other, we hooked up and immediately began to plan, we were both exactly who and where we needed to be to take the next step forward.

One day, Lydia said we needed to find a name for ourselves – one of my friends had told me that meeting me was serendipitous and I felt so gratified. I later read Scott Peck’s “Road Less Travelled” with the miracle of “serendipity”. The word has always had special meaning for me, so when Lydia asked, “serendipity” came to mind and so “Serendipity Works” was born.