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Lydia Mattison

lydiabtr1 I believe that I have been unofficially coaching all of my life, even before I knew there was a name for it.  I was inspired to enroll in a training program with an international organization – The International Coach Academy – accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I have had both the experience of being coached and coaching others and I am part of an extremely resourceful coaching community.

Having graduated a Certified Professional Life Coach from ICA, I am passionate and inspired to work with clients who are overwhelmed, confused, and stressed, by love, life, and loss and who are seeking to rediscover who they are, remove obstacles, find direction, get clarity, build confidence and make powerful changes.

I help them to rediscover their gifts, strengths, and limitations through deep coaching using the Enneagram as a tool for transformation.  I bring their brilliance into focus, and help them reconnect to their essence, and help restore heart and soul to the quality of life.

The wisdom of the Enneagram was revealed to me while participating in my Deep Coach Training.  I became aware of the true benefits of using the Enneagram in my coaching, both as a coach and for my clients, in my personal and my professional life. The Enneagram helps us unhook from identifying with our very small and limited self.  It shows us the box in which we keep ourselves, small and safe. It opens us to unexpected and expanded vistas, new possibilities, choices and freedom to be in touch, know and experience our essence, truly bringing our brilliance into focus.

The Enneagram has been a remarkable tool for my own journey of self discovery.  It has helped me see how life can be an irrational bumpy ride when we only see life through one lens.  It has helped me see by box, my limits, my chains, my suffering and opened me up to a loving and compassionate heart.

I now choose to break open my box and use it as a sled to ride the waves of life in a joy filled, fun, exciting and fulfilling manner.  It has opened my perspective and is an amazing tool for introspection and self discovery. It has expanded my visibility and offered me clarity, focus and choice, and amazing insights into all of my relationships.

Finding what really matters is a personal experience.  Discover why the enneagram would matter to you, and if you need some help or a guide I will walk with you. Step into an Empowering Space.

Charlene Gowrie
I have been a student of the Enneagram for over a decade and have studied with Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson since 2003.  A natural skeptic, I was dubious about being cast into a predetermined mould.  However, when I read my type, for the first time, I began to understand myself, my triggers, why certain patterns kept repeating themselves and countless other insights.
Deeply interested in people development, the Enneagram has fit right into my life and career goals.  I am currently a Human Resource Consultant and have been in the field for the last 15 years.  I am the holder of a BSc in Management and a Bachelor of Laws degree.
I have also facilitated several introductory Enneagram workshops.  I have come to see that our personalities are directly linked to our life lessons, who we are and our circumstances are perfectly created to challenge the particular fears of our type.



  1. Dear Lydia,
    I am still in awe after this amazing session. The pattern showed up so clearly and I think you have an fascinating tool in your hands. The way you are integrating both the inner story with the cards is very powerful.

    Being able to actually see a picture in each card was extremely helpful. I could see how watching the cards was helping me go freely into my inner story… Being so visual myself: I LOVED IT! The cards are beautiful and very rich. It seemed the cards were actually talking to me and your immediate repeating what I had just said was really key for understanding that I create the pattern AND that I also CAN create a way to dissolve it !!!
    WOW! Is that powerful! Great timing!
    -I “saw” you listening, giving me the space I needed to get into every card, never rushing and the benefit was that I felt heard, it was MY story and not your interpretation.
    -I also felt totally supported and not judged.
    -At some point you pinpointed some key things like”asking me what do you see here and there and so it helped my inner exploration.
    -I also loved when -from your own tarot knowledge- you told me what the rabbit was about…just after I was telling you about my fear.
    -Your voice was clear and neutral and made me feel invited.
    -I felt your presence. You were waiting for me to discover my own story. Never putting words in my mouth . That presence has a huge impact. I felt everything was coming from me and so it gave me a sense of being powerful and resourceful.
    -I saw your creativity in this exquisite way of working with your cards. For a Scorpio four type, this is is very appealing!

    THANK YOU Lydia!

    Isabelle Lugo. Puerto Rico. http://www.time4coaching.com

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